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Web Development

Fennel Way focus on usability, security, and business utility. Look and feel is an important quality of the final product as well as adherence to standards.

The term “Web 2.0” encapsulate a number of current trends and web techniques enabling collaboration, data sharing and integration, and networking. These technologies can work for you on different levels and in different parts of your business processes.

Another important aspect of any website is to ensure the information displayed will be kept current. Ownership of the information and analysis of information flows are important regardless of the size of your organization.

Websites have grown beyond a disconnected marketing piece for many organizations and the web application serves as an important part of the business.

Fennel Way can help you to advance your web resources, looking at, for instance:

  • Integrating your web systems into your business processes — better integration will add value.
  • Using state of the art rich web interface to improve the user experience, improve the application, and possibly the entire business process.
  • Your data is incredibly important and valuable — integrating your data in web applications is key.
  • Security is paramount — the web is increasingly used as an attack vector.

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