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IDSaaS — Intrusion Detection

IDSaaS offers outsourcing of security monitoring of your systems. There are no contracts and no investment cost. The service is a breeze to install and easy to integrate into your operations. You will maintain full control of your environment but with beefed-up security. The pricing structure makes IDSaaS an incredible value.

Outsourcing Security

The Intrusion Detection System as a Service (IDSaaS) is a subscription based intrusion detection service. It's currently operating in early release status by servicing select customers. The general release is scheduled by the turn of the year 2009-10

IDSaaS is a perfect example of how you can do more with less by outsourcing an important security function. There are no up-front investments and there are no contracts — you simply pay as you go. The service is easy to integrate into your environment and it's trivial to install. The IDSaaS application does not get access to your environment so it will not in any way represent a potential attack vector or create any form of dependency.

IDSaaS is an opportunity to increase the security measures in your deployment without adding traditional overhead such as staff, servers or appliances, software licensing costs, or changes to your network infrastructure. Additionally, there are no costs for software updates.


The service provides advance real-time analysis of what is going on "under the hood" of your systems. The service is a cross-platform solution supporting all general operating systems and many network devices.

This IDSaaS application itself is cloud based providing high availability.


The service is planned to be priced at $50 per month for single subscriptions. Aggressive volume pricing is available. The pricing makes IDSaaS an excellent value compared with any commercial IDS solution that will cost many thousands of dollars in upfront costs, followed by considerable costs to maintain and add to operational overhead costs.

Technical Context

The IDSaaS service actually goes beyond monitoring for attacks — it can monitor pretty much everything on the system level. The level of monitoring is customizable but the service is capable in assisting you with warning for general problems, such as problems with memory or system errors, that may be an early sign of hardware failure. Hence, the IDSaaS system can be deployed to work as a general centralized log monitoring solution — this two-for-one functionality increases the value of the service even further.

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