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E-Business Development

Web based business ventures remain the holy grail of business platforms. Internet sales defy economic trends and outperform traditional business operations — for instance, Amazon sales increased 18% in the 2008 holiday season as the retail sector suffered. Fennel Way can help you explore and develop an Internet based business idea.

In addition to the obvious benefits of the 24/7 availability of the Internet, wide reach, and automated nature of computerized operations, an additional aspect has been added along the way — third party services that can be integrated into an e-commerce application seamlessly. These services can be used in a supportive role or in a core business process. This means that you will not have to build everything from scratch and you can focus on the unique features of your value proposition.

The technical solution is important but this just the beginning of successful venture — market research and a good marketing plan are key components. Social media may also play a role in PR measures.

Fennel Way will help you assemble a team and assist you — either just to get you started or to follow you all the way.

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