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I am a system expert, programmer, network expert, web developer, and a lawyer with a keen business sense.

Fennel Way is run by Sam Jesper Engman, but I go by Jesper. We do technology consulting by combining technical skills with business acumen and management skills. In addition to our talents - we can leverage external exceptional external resources as needed thanks to a large network of contacts. This business model produces a nimble and agile operation.

My own technical skills are focused on web development, information security, and building servers and networks. These particular skills enable me to shoulder small web and infrastructure projects on my own but the skill-set is, more importantly, very effective in planning and managing medium and large projects.

I have moved between the role of a consultant and a buyer of consulting services throughout my career, and switching roles has been instrumental in developing an exceptional understanding of what is needed to successfully manage projects.

I aim at perfecting what I found when purchasing consulting services — small companies provide better service.

I look forward to talking with you!

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